Red Rock AS

Red Rock AS is an innovative software development company that specializes in web and cell phone applications. Red Rock does consultant work and develops and market software products.

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Red Rock TM

Red Rock TM is a leading  engineering company and supplier of Industry and Marine equipment. Red Rock TM have established cooperation to several experienced partners continuously improving ourselves on design and high quality products in close cooperation with our customers……….

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Red Rock DMS

Red Rock DMS specializes on complete documentation systems for medium to large scale enterprise projects. Red Rock DMS develop and provide complete documentation software tailor made for your specific need.

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Red Rock Tech

Red Rock Tech is a software development company in close cooperation with Red Rock AS. Red Rock Tech is today specialist in web and cell phone applications but this company will be further developed into more traditional Industry.

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Red Rock Logo

The Red Rock group consists of four companies that provide products and services in segments like Industry, Offshore, Marine, IT and Telecom. We strive to continuously improve design and quality in close cooperation with customer demands and in compliance with current regulations.

Our staff consists of both highly educated and experienced employees with technically competent background.