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We know that our customers depend on our products every day and that we need to be available for service and maintenance worldwide at short notice. Red Rock offers support 24/7 on all our products and we have a worldwide service network.

 Red Rock has the experience and expertise to help you with your high demand to maintain a safe and reliable product lifetime. Original Spare Parts and Service from the supplier will increase the earning potential of your fleet throughout its long lifetime.

Red Rock has qualified staff that is highly motivated into servicing your needs in a safe and effective manner.

Our workshop gives us the possibility to keep a stock of important components, preparation and pre-assembly, conversion and other related work to fulfill our customers’ needs.


Eivind Esaiassen

Chief Service Officer

Tel:    +47 99 46 00 32 –
Mail: service@redrock.no

Anne-Karin Bedringås

Administrative Officer

Tel:    +47 45 47 77 50 – Mail: akb@redrock.no