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RDT36-RDT60 Telescopic Rescue Boat Davits.

RDT36 and RDT60 davits are developed for handling of Fast Rescue Boats (FRC) for marine and offshore vessels, and are special designed with a main purpose to be mounted into a ships recess area. Whether it involves SOLAS safety related requirements, or additional customized requirements, the RDT36 and RDT60 davits can be equipped to perform the task.

Product Features

RDT36 and RDT60 davits can be supplied with a range of options depending on operational requirements. The unit features a ridged fixed frame construction for welding into the ships recess roof and a movable unit which moves the FRC from parked position to lowering position. A cradle integrated in davit structure secures safe operation and stable parking of the FRC. The davit is designed considering optimizing service and maintenance procedures. The davit winch and sliding movements are operated from a control stand on the movable unit. Start/stop and emergency stop are also at the movable unit.

Available Options:
• Constant Tension system acting as wave compensator.
• Shock absorbing cylinder for smooth handling of the Rescue Boat.
• Pivot Towing Boom for handling painter line from Rescue Boat.
• Davit operating hatch in ship side for protection


Product Sheet

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