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IT Consulting

Red Rock AS does consultant work, creating custom software solutions and integrations, and we develop and market our own software products. Our solutions can contain elements of our existing products or it can be a completely custom solution to fit your needs.

We develop products for cell phones, servers and web and help with software integrations. Creating a high quality and cost efficient solution is our primary goal and we are there for the whole lifecycle of the project.

Consultant work done by Red Rock is executed by highly educated, experienced and motivated employees. Agile development is used on most projects with good result but our processes will be adjusted to fit the need of our customers.

By innovative development of our own products we gain valuable experiences that we share with our customers.


Sandra Ruiz

Chief Sales Officer

Tel:    +47 40 05 28 32 –
Mail: sandra.ruiz@redrock.no

Morten Rønning

Chief Project Officer - IT & Consulting

Tel:   +47 48 05 66 61
Mail: morten.ronning@redrock.no