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Red Rock TM is a leading  engineering company and supplier of Industry personnel handling equipment. Red Rock have established cooperation to major experienced partners continuously improving ourselves on design and high quality products in close cooperation with our customers.

Our products are in use for applications in mines, tunnel roofs, walls and faces all over the world. Typical uses of our products are for routine service work, installation of ventilation pipes, safety work, rock scaling / bolting and charging.

It is highly important for Red Rock to deliver the right quality in accordance with existing customer demands, as well as public rules and regulations.

We value skilled employees that are highly educated and have a through technical understanding.  Recent graduated engineers working hand in hand with senior Engineers with 15-25 years experience forming expert groups within construction, engineering and sales of technical equipment for Marine and Industry. The work environment and friendly colleagues makes a work day at Red Rock a pleasant experience.


Christoffer Jørgenvåg

Chief Executive Officer

Tel:    +47 99 35 06 06 –
Mail: christoffer.jorgenvag@redrock.no

Bjørn Mossestad

Chief Marketing Officer

Tel:   +47 46 84 34 09
Mail: bjm@redrock.no