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Public Transportation

Red Rock offers payment, ticketing and information solutions for the public transportation industry. The products are designed to be fast, flexible and secure. Our goal is to make the passengers travel quick and easy so they prefer to travel the same way again. We also strive to have efficient solutions to reduce queue time and stand still time at stops. We can deliver solutions for bus, train, ferries, airplanes, subways and trams.  
All our products are offered as a cloud based solution so implementation time is reduced to a minimum. This removes the need for local software installation and reduces maintenance cost. The solutions are standardized for quick deployment but they can also be customized to meet specific customer demands.


Sandra Ruiz

Chief Sales Officer

Tel:    +47 40 05 28 32 Mail: sandra.ruiz@redrock.no

Eirik Vika

Chief Product Officer - IT & Consulting

Tel:   +47 47 67 67 24
Mail: eirik.vika@redrock.no