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Red Rock AS creates apps for all major mobile platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Symbian. Our experience is based on several tens of thousands hours working on App projects. Our experience combined with an extensive theoretical background gives us the ability to provide our customers with a deep understanding of the different mobile platforms and technologies. This gives us, together with our customers, the ability to make the right choice in application architecture and technology so the system is built to last.

We have customers in most business segments. We create apps that are for both internal and external use. The internal applications are usually integrated with other business applications. Other customers use applications to either market existing products, extend the functionality of their existing product or in some cases the app itself is the product they are selling.

The trend is that people find more and more information on mobile platforms. The result of this is that all companies should have a mobile presence. The company presentation and the product catalog is a minimum of what should be expected for a company. This can easily be achieved and it does not need to cost much as Red Rock has several off-the-shelf products that can be used. If this does not fit the customers need we can create a totally custom solution. These applications can be combined with QR codes in printed media to give potential customers easy access to the app.

Some examples of the types of app projects that we have done:

– Tourist apps with map navigation
– Various apps for telecom companies
– Apps for retail businesses
– Apps for marine use
– Payment systems
– Educational apps
– Backup app
– Bar code scanning
– Integration with backend systems
– Industry use
– Extensive experience with Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi.