A significant step towards autonomous ports and uncrewed shipping

Ocean Infinity, the marine robotics company is excited to announce that it has acquired Red Rock, a technology company with solutions that will enable autonomous port operations; a key enabler for future uncrewed shipping.

Red Rock is spearheading the development of digital and autonomous solutions to revolutionise lifting and handling both onshore and offshore.

The acquisition will combine Ocean Infinity’s ‘Armada’ robotic vessels and low emission operations with Red Rock’s ability to develop hardware and software solutions for remote and autonomous handling. Together, the two businesses will transform port operations and shipping through artificial intelligence-enabled, safe, low emission movement of vessels and cargo.

The complementary technology of Ocean Infinity and Red Rock will enable the enlarged group to realise its mission of being the world’s leading marine robotics company with technology and sustainability at its core.  

All of Red Rock’s business lines spanning marine, artificial intelligence, software solutions and digital consulting are included as part of the acquisition.

Ocean Infinity’s footprint in Europe now extends to offices in Norway and Romania, alongside the existing presence in North America, the Middle East and Africa. The enlarged group will have a full-time headcount of approximately 600 people.

Dan Hook, Ocean Infinity’s Chief Technology Officer, said: “The Red Rock team with their technology-focused and forward-thinking approach to marine logistics, are an excellent addition to Ocean Infinity. Across the industry, there’s been much talk about the role that remote technologies will play in the future of ports and shipping as the world looks for ways to reduce its collective carbon footprint. This acquisition is pivotal in the journey towards smarter, cleaner ways of operating at sea.  Together, Ocean Infinity and Red Rock have all the ingredients to develop next-generation shipping to provide the industry with the ability to operate safely on a global scale, with minimal environmental impact. I’m incredibly excited to welcome the Red Rock team onboard.”

Christoffer Jørgenvåg, Red Rock Group’s Chief Executive Officer said: “With the drive Ocean Infinity has for sustainable autonomous marine robotics, the fit together with Red Rock is truly unique. Together we are creating a technology platform for the ocean space with capabilities and scale that the world has never seen before.  The combined efforts will ensure that our customers are future proofing their investments and operations. With the Group’s scale and combined capabilities, our colleagues will have fun, complex challenges to solve, the most ambitious goals, and the ability to create innovative technology to create smarter and cleaner operations at sea. I am truly excited for the future ahead with Ocean Infinity, and the endless possibilities.” 

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Mark Antelme / Ollie Mills, press officers, Ocean Infinity
oceaninfinity@celicourt.uk / +44 (0) 20 8434 2643

About the companies:

Ocean Infinity is a marine robotics company that deploys autonomous technologies at scale to capture ocean data and deliver maritime solutions. The company’s mission is to use innovative technology to transform operations at sea, enabling people and the planet to thrive. Ocean Infinity owns and operates the largest fleet of 6000m rated underwater autonomous vehicles in the world. In addition, the company currently has six work class remotely operated vehicles and eight unmanned surface vehicles.  The company’s uncrewed Armada fleet, which is set to revolutionise the maritime industry, will ensure Ocean Infinity own and operate the most high-tech, green and safe maritime fleet in the world.

Red Rock AS is a global technology company focused on delivering intelligent products to the marine, transport, and offshore wind industries. Red Rock helps empower customers’ digital transformation through next-generation load handling equipment. They provide innovative motion compensated cranes, remote control, and autonomous assisted load handling to help transition to a sustainable future.

Red Rock AS is the parent company of Red Rock Marine, RedRock.AI, Red Rock Solutions, and StepChange.