Whether you need a complete

ticketing platform or a custom

application – we can help.

Red Rock Solutions offers payment, ticketing, and information solutions for the public transportation industry. Our products are designed to be fast, flexible, and secure. Our goal is to make the passengers travel quickly and easily so that they prefer to travel the same way again. We can deliver solutions for buses, trains, ferries, airplanes, subways, and trams.

All our products are offered as a cloud-based solution, so implementation time is reduced to a minimum. This removes the need for local software installation, and reduces maintenance costs.

Our main services

Togital ticketing platform

Our core product is our cloud-based ticketing solution for public transport.
Red Rock can supply everything from Point-of-Sale (POS) units and ticket vending machines (TVMs) to front- and backend solutions that fit all your ticketing needs.

Custom integrations

Our highly skilled team of developers can deliver custom software and integrations for your existing systems.


Both our core platform, Togital, and our custom work include several solutions and functions that are developed in-house by our skilled development team.

Red Rock developed a sophisticated web tool that organizes data and automates payment procedures. They designed the wireframes and built it from the ground up. They also included a client-facing portal.

Brian Jones, Brevco Services

As a third-party, Red Rock Tech performed PHP services to make an existing website more user-friendly. They updated an integral recruitment tool and developed a search tool for backend use.

Renske Wester, Global Technologies

Red Rock built a web and Android app for automating employee time logs. They later integrated the app with an in-house ERP system and added calendar, task assignment, and reporting features.

Hannika Smazenka, Thermo Control srl